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I agree completely and know in the U.S. antibiotics are being over prescribed by the millions. Probiotics help the “good bacteria” thrive which keeps the gastrointestinal system healthy. People are uninformed about the dangers of using antibiotics causing certain strains of bacteria becoming more resilient. Which leads to more powerful antibiotics being created and a vicious cycle that’s increasingly getting worse. Our immune system can be strong enough to keep us healthy if we take care of ourselves with a healthy diet, exercise, and use supplements like probiotics that help with out harm.

Our gut bacteria make us unique! Earlier this year research from Germany, published by Dr. Peer Bork, was released revealing evidence that there are three specific gut bacteria associated with the human gastrointestinal system.  It appears that each individual’s gut is hospitable to only one of three bacterial enterospecies and this could make it easier for us to understand how different individuals respond to certain diets, prescribe probiotics specifically fashioned for the in … Read More

via vis medicatrix naturae


One response to “Our gut bacteria make us unique! (via vis medicatrix naturae)

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  1. Bright Yoga-
    I am glad to you liked this article. Our gastrointestinal health is such a key to rest of our health and supporting the natural healthy flora in our GI is a critical place to start! It is exciting that there is now more research to point to when helping others make healthy decisions for the gut health.

    Be well,
    Dr. Rachelle

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