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East Meets West Within Healthcare (The Growing Popularity of Yoga)   Leave a comment

I work two very different jobs and feel blessed in many ways because of it. As a pharmacy technician I enjoy helping serve people by listening to them and taking the necessary steps to help them get the medicine their doctor prescribed or what cold medication the pharmacist recommends for what symptoms they have. After doing this for more than 20 years it’s been interesting and as a social person that likes to help others, it’s been very rewarding.

I’ve practiced yoga for more than 15 years incrementally getting drawn deeper into the philosophy, while at the same time benefiting from the physical aspects. The attraction to yoga kept growing over the years until my decision to become a yoga instructor could enable me to share my passion for it with others. This is rewarding on a deeper level.

Just recently at the company Christmas dinner at a local restaurant a conversation about yoga started with a very nice man I had just met. I love hearing from people all the benefits of yoga and how it helps with many ailments. The enthusiasm in his voice was sincere, and it made me smile as I listened. It seems the word is getting out. Yoga is good for us. Everywhere we turn if we are under stress the recommendation is take yoga. This is much safer than most medications prescribed for stress. And by take yoga I don’t mean buy the Wii yoga program. That’s like removing the expertise of a pharmacist that knows harmful drug interactions and letting the doctor prescribe medications. I’ve seen first hand how that can be a problem. A good yoga instructor should verbalize and demonstrate yoga poses while explaining the benefits. If done wrong injuries can happen and the no pain no gain rule does not apply to yoga!

As a culture we like instant gratification and that can be a bit tricky with yoga. On some level we get it if we’re looking to quiet the mind, De-stress,  or relax. But we live in a society that promotes drugs for what ails us as a quick answer for our health issues. Yoga takes longer…or does it? In one yoga class we can lower blood pressure, cortisol (stress) levels, and remove harmful toxins. Physically helping strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. (Keep in mind there are many different styles of yoga to better suit personality types.) The benefits are too many to list actually. I’m just glad the word is getting out. Now I’m looking forward to the word turning into action. Namaste


Our gut bacteria make us unique! (via vis medicatrix naturae)   1 comment

I agree completely and know in the U.S. antibiotics are being over prescribed by the millions. Probiotics help the “good bacteria” thrive which keeps the gastrointestinal system healthy. People are uninformed about the dangers of using antibiotics causing certain strains of bacteria becoming more resilient. Which leads to more powerful antibiotics being created and a vicious cycle that’s increasingly getting worse. Our immune system can be strong enough to keep us healthy if we take care of ourselves with a healthy diet, exercise, and use supplements like probiotics that help with out harm.

Our gut bacteria make us unique! Earlier this year research from Germany, published by Dr. Peer Bork, was released revealing evidence that there are three specific gut bacteria associated with the human gastrointestinal system.  It appears that each individual’s gut is hospitable to only one of three bacterial enterospecies and this could make it easier for us to understand how different individuals respond to certain diets, prescribe probiotics specifically fashioned for the in … Read More

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A physical therapist was giving me exercises to strengthen my injured back (lumbar) about 15 years ago and he said “you should try yoga”. Anyone can do yoga and benefit from it in ways unknown until layers are peeled off to reveal your true self