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To improve health and wellness utilizing my extensive experience within the health care industry. Realizing each client is unique, I’m motivated to customize each lesson’s focus  From beginner to intermediate, I love to introduce people new to yoga! Flexibility isn’t a requirement. I teach with positive energy and a calming voice enabling relaxation and improved sleep.

The proven benefits of yoga include lowered blood pressure, toxins, & cortisol or stress levels. Increase of concentration, lung capacity, range of motion, body awareness, and sense of over

The ability to calm with the sound of my voice. Hatha Yoga instruction beginner to intermediate. Specializing in back strengthening or injury rehabilitation.  Mindful breathing, pose demonstration, flowing vinyasa exercises, and modifications provided including chair yoga. Final meditation or Savasana is a favorite with clients and brings on a state of bliss.


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A physical therapist was giving me exercises to strengthen my injured back (lumbar) about 15 years ago and he said “you should try yoga”. Anyone can do yoga and benefit from it in ways unknown until layers are peeled off to reveal your true self